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Cuckoo Rice Cooker | CRP-HL1055F 


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Cuckoo Rice Cooker | CRP-HL1055F

Product Detail

Type: IH (Induction Heating) Pressure Rice Cooker
Capacity: 10 persons
Service Power : 110V
Brand: Cuckoo
Manufacture: Cuckoo Electronics
Operation: Minicom
Voice Guide: Yes

Product Features

1. Induction Heating System  
2. Non-stick coated cooking bowl for easy cleaning and durable with clear scale line 
3. Strong and durable construction 
4. Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology for precise cooking 
5. TPC system (Solenoid valve, Pressure poise, Removal of abnormal pressure)  
6. Easy Top Control Edition 
7. Wide View LCD 
8. Soft Steam Cap 
9. 14 Safety Features 
10. Multi Cooking


What is (IH) Induction Heating...

Induction Heater is a state of the art heating system, which differs from any existing methods of cooking rice. Conventional rice cooker and other electric pressure cookers provide heat from the button through a single heat plate. An Induction heater system utilizes a magnetic field to generate heat through the coils of the heating plate to evenly heat throughout the inner pot. This provides rapid and thorough heating to evenly cook all types of foods.

All IH inner pots consists of Five- Layer Inner pot structure...

Stainless-Aluminum-Primer-Gold Marble Coating-PFA Coating.... 



Xwall is a special coating technology that has extraordinary durability from pressure, over heating, element  of salt, and any other types of impact...It is a brand new type of coating that is best in preventing any kinds of scratches, from metal rice scoops, metal pot cleaner, and any other metal properties especially designed Cuckoo...


What is GABA brown rice...

GABA brown rice is not a new variety of brown rice, but a newly discovered way of cooking brown rice to "activate" it and increase natural occurring gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), an amino acid in brown rice believed to have health giving properties such as lowering blood pressure, improving kidney function and relieving stress. The brown rice is "activated" by soaking the rice at 104 degrees F for 2 hours before the actual cooking begins.


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